Cello Software have designed a training program for those who want to make use of tracker2’s full capabilities from day one. The program will address in a systematic and comprehensive fashion all aspects of usage from the time you log on to the program to the time you log off.

The sessions are flexible enough for the users to get maximum benefit. Core aspects, which will be covered in the training sessions, are:

  • Setting up System Tables
  • Setting up Users and User Types
  • Setting up levels of access
  • Setting up General Options
  • Letter and email templates
  • Management of Course Information
  • Management of Staff Information
  • Entry of Leave records
  • Manipulation and editing of records
  • Report Generation
Training Sessions Cost
2 hours (up to 4 individuals) £POA
3 hours (recommended) (4-7 individuals) £POA
4 hours (8 or more individuals) £POA
Let us help you get the most out of your software

To book a training session fill in the enquiry form below, email or phone 0151 348 4035.

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