tracker2 is an on-line, paperless leave management system used by professional hospital staff for the management of all types of leave including tracking expenditure, evaluating courses and generating reports. It is used by thousands of registered users in over 40 NHS Hospitals throughout the UK.

tracker2 offers you the opportunity to move away from upfront costs, unreasonable prices and poor after-sale service.

Why tracker2?

Cello Software has been in existence since 1994. We are tried and tested as we continue to provide an outstanding service to our NHS clients.

We do not assume leadership in the field of leave management, we have acquired it by right. It goes therefore without saying that our client/partners get what they want for a fair price.

As past NHS employees we understand the NHS. Our partnership is inherent in our method of working and what drives our development.

We have a primary interest in seeing the NHS benefit as we innovate

How do we do that?

Our online paperless leave management system tracker2 has the following features:

  • manages all types of leave
  • monitors attendance at local meetings (e.g. mandatory training)
  • tracks expenditure and evaluates courses
  • generates reports
  • shows a calendar view of absences in a chosen specialty
  • provides unprecedented access to live information
  • saves time, money and reduces waste
  • improves communication and is vital for clinical governance and CQC visits

What do you get for your money?

The tracker2 system is cloud-based software, comprehensive, detailed and flexible.

Once you are part of our family of users, we look after you and assist you to get the full benefit from your investment.

  • We provide hosting on our dedicated secure server
  • We arrange for the import of the demographic data of your employees
  • We train the administrative users
  • We setup the system for you to meet your requirements
  • We maintain the background aspects of the system operation for you
  • We provide you with free updates
  • We give online support, which is timely, friendly and focused
  • We listen to what you would like to see in future versions of the software
  • We do all this for a fair price, which is set not to exploit the National Health Service.
Why not ask us for a demonstration of the system and let us give you a quote

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