Training session

Our training session is comprehensive. We provide the training at your place of work. System administrators are given face-to-face training on how to setup the system, make use of its unique features and how to manage all aspects of its advanced features. Our training does not start at the training session or end there. We walk with you through the period prior to the training preparing your staff for the event of going online then naturally through the training session we visit with you the following aspects:

  • Setting up System Tables
  • Setting up Users and User Types
  • Setting up levels of access
  • Setting up General Options
  • Importing databases
  • Choice of letters
  • Management of Course Information
  • Management of Staff Information
  • Entry of Leave records
  • Manipulation and editing of records
  • Report Generation

After training we are available to support you to get the best out of the system. We want you to succeed.

Do staff other than system administrators require training?

All our users over 5000 of them have used tracker2 without the need for a training session. tracker2 is intuitive the screens are simple and screen specific help pages are available to all users when using the system. The help files provide step-by-step instructions should they be required.

How long does it take to implement tracker2?

The implementation is simple and takes less than few days. It needs however careful consideration by the client on approval pathways and level of access, this may extend the period to a week or 10 days.

How many level of access does tracker2 provide?

tracker2 is unique in its design giving innumerable levels of access. This can be done by specialty by directorate/Division or by a combination of the aforementioned. You can have also user-defined levels of access, making countless combinations

Can the data of our doctors be imported into tracker2?

All demographic data is easily imported. We do the initial import free of charge. Any further imports such as during periods of doctors/staff intake are catered for within tracker. The system administrator can follow a very simple step by step process to import demographic data of new starters.